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At Frank Capital Management, we strive to be independent and not follow the crowd.

Protect Your Money

The core of our value investing process is focused on not losing money. When analyzing an investment, we look at the potential downside before considering how much it can gain. This is accomplished by analyzing real-world business values to determine a value for a security independent of the market price. As a result, our investment process is highly selective and only a few investments will qualify.

Time-Tested Investment Strategy

Our value investing strategy is derived from time-tested principles espoused by Warren Buffett and his mentor Benjamin Graham. Dating back to Graham’s original text, “Security Analysis” in 1934, this investment approach has allowed generations of investors to achieve admirable returns while avoiding investment fads and bubbles that destroy wealth.

We Eat Our Own Cooking

It is an open secret that many advisors and investment managers recommend investments to their clients that they themselves do not buy in their personal portfolios. At Frank Capital Management, we put our money in the same investments as our clients. Every investment we buy in client accounts is what we personally hold in our own accounts, even our 401(k) and IRA accounts.

Deep Company Analysis

Another open secret is that most investment advisors do not do any investing analysis themselves. They outsource the process to a third-party firm. Our experience across many market cycles has taught us that you need to research and deeply understand the companies you own. Otherwise, it becomes impossible to deviate from the herd. This results in panic when the inevitable downturn, recession, or financial crisis hits, because an uninformed advisor has no idea what his investments are truly worth.

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